Birch Tree Forest Project.



by: jessica

Hey Guys!

I wanted to take a quick moment to explain some of the detail, the why, the thought process of this project.  I have loved creating FUN bedrooms for both my boys.  I have found that when their room is a totally RAD place to be that (a) they like to sleep in it with NO problems & (b) they like to play in it for LONG periods of time during the day.  I read to both of my boys A LOT.  We love “Where the Wild Things Are.”  It is a beautiful book.  I initially thought to create a “Where the Wild Things Are” room for Finn.  Well, at the time I was 6 months pregnant.  And, Up & Down a ladder made this Mama a little dizzy.  So, second thought…. A Birch Tree Forest.  I developed a picture in my head & it wasn’t leaving.  Time to paint.  The trees are relatively easy…those are painted.  The branches were a little tricky…they are also painted.  It needed something more… BIRDS.  You can get a bird decal anywhere.  These are from an Etsy shop.  Those sweet birds were just what the forest needed.  Finn LOVED the finished product as did I and Ben.  Now, its Gideon’s room.  Finn has been upgraded;)


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