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by: jessica

Well, I’ve taken the plunge to start my very own business.  I’m excited, a little nervous and hopeful of what’s to come.  I decided to start Coloring Clementine after my second son, Gideon (G) was born.  I’ve been blessed with two truly incredible, laid back boys.  Don’t get me wrong… THEY ARE LOUD… they are BOYS… BOYS ARE LOUD.  They are fun, easy, great kids that often allow me the time to do projects around the house. So, I paint.  I LOVE to paint!  I’ve painted literally every square inch of my home.  I love the challenge, the dirty work, the staying up all night to create a mural.  It’s my stress reliever, my artistic outlet.  My Husband, Ben (my best friend, life partner, great guy) encourages me often about starting a business.  A painting, interior design… “share your talents, Jes” business.  Well, after 8 years or so of listening to his encouraging words, pondering the when & what, timing, the logistics… here I am.  I’ve added another chapter to my story.  Welcome to Coloring Clementine.


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  1. Lori Smoot

    August 6, 2012

    Way to go, Jes! We love you! It looks great.

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