The Love Project



by: jessica

I’m a firm believer that your bedroom should be your secluded oasis, your zen room, your safe haven.  Mine does not and will never have a TV.  It has to have a pillow top mattress, dim lightning, candles, dark curtains & comfy bedding.  These are my MUST HAVES.  When I created mine & my husbands bedroom… I added all my must haves.  I also shopped Etsy A WHOLE LOT to find really great prints that talked about LOVE.  My favorite one says, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”  Well, its true…  my life would truly suck if I didn’t marry this man.  Another favorite says, “In My Life, I Love You More.”  The Beatles lyrics of course.  If you know Ben and I, you know we should have been born in a different era.  Well, all of this is supposed to lead to “The Why” of The Love Project.  In a nutshell, this project is framed prints that I loved, framed candid pictures of us and then there is my stenciled paint.  This stencil is a Lotta Jansdotter one.  Oh, if I ever meet that woman.  She’s simply fantastic!!!  She’s such an inspiration to me.  Her stencil is a modern flower of sorts.  Perfect for any space, really.  Its feminine… but not TOO girly for your bedroom where your man sleeps.  You can get really creative with this stencil.  Use various colors, play around with the flower buds.  Its awesome & one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy it.

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